Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Mobilizations and manipulations target both the vertebrae of the spine as well as other joints in the body. These techniques restore motion in your joints which will help to relieve pain, improve function and relax the surrounding musculature.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy works on tight and tender muscles, tendons and ligaments to release tension. This type of therapy helps to increase proper mobility and range of motion while also relieving pain and discomfort.

Exercise Prescription

Rehabilitation is an important part of recovering from an injury and preventing the onset of a new injury. Dr. Madeleine will work with you to develop an individualized exercise plan that will work on decreasing pain and increasing range of motion, mobility and stability as needed.

Ergonomic Education

Your lifestyle plays a major role in your health. Dr. Madeleine will work with you to develop good habits at your place of work to decrease any physical stressors that your posture is putting on your body.

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are custom devices that help the foot and ankle maintain an anatomically efficient position. They are easily inserted into your shoes and help maintain proper alignment in the foot. Proper alignment will improve your biomechanics, reduce stressors and decrease your pain.